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  • I'm having a strange Issue with SpriteFont with Tint effect.

    Last night I've been playing with this file without any problems. Few minutes ago I've opened this project and suddenly SpriteFont is a mess.

    It looks fine when you open file:

    And this how it looks when I start panning around layout:

    It's very strange to me because last night before saving I had no problems at all.

    I just checked my other projects and make some new ones, using exactly same setup for layers and spritefont. and for all this files everything is fine.

    Only this file seems corrupted somehow.

    Can someone please have a look :/

    Here's the link to that file.

    SpriteFont Issue.capx

  • Confirmed. Does the same for me on a fresh C2 run, and until you drag the first blue spritefont left to a negative X position, then it resets.

  • I don't know why it does it but I can confirm that I see the same effect in the layout editor - the sprite font appears backwards. Take the effect away or run the layout and it appears fine....

  • blackhornet Hehe been doing that since yesterday every time I'm opening that file. Seems to work fine so far, but unfortunately issue still exist.

    Ashley maybe You can figure it out?

  • I've had the same issue for ages. Always figured it was just a driver issue or something and I didn't worry about it too much since it works fine at runtime.

    Still, it's a nuisance, so if it could be fixed that'd be stellar.

  • At first thought that was a driver issue as well, but this only happening for this particular file. Any other project (old or new) works just fine.

  • One more thing to add. If I paste object copied from different project, most of the SpriteFont objects moves to different position. I mean XY stays the same, but visually they move do different location.

  • I had this similiar problem long time ago, but I really don't believe it's driver issue

  • Joannesalfa Me neither. Especially that this still happening to that specific project file only, no other.

  • Can't reproduce, looks fine here as I pan around the layout (you're talking about the layout view in the editor, not runtime, right?)

    It does look a lot like a driver issue.

  • Yes in the layout editor. Driver issue would affect every single project using SpriteFont with Tint effects, but this bug is related to that specific file - every other project file using same setup of SpriteFont/Tint works just fine.

  • This has been happening for me and my teammates since spritefont was added. You can 'fix' it by temporarily disabling WebGL.

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  • As blackhornet suggested

    [quote:1d6vgnfp]drag the first blue spritefont left to a negative X position

    is better solution, at least for me because everything then backs to normal.

    Disabling WebGL means you are disabling all effects use in project, and it's a pain to set all the Tints if you have to constantly switch WebGL on and off.

    blackhornet solutions still works for me, but have to do this every time I open this projects.

  • I've always had that in the layout editor as well.

    Many times you can grab one of the boxes and drag it in circles around the screen and all the previews will snap into place. Then drop it, hit undo to put it back, and your good until next session.

    different X/Y Parallax on layers will cause weird fisheye affects on layers sometimes too, that trick also fixes this.

    However the trick doesn't always work.

    Here's a Youtube Video:

  • At this time I'm pretty sure this is not a driver bug. I've tested this project file on few setups:

    • my pc integrated Intel HD graphics (newest drivers possible)
    • my pc with new Geforce 780 (newest drivers possible)
    • my brothers pc with some ATI card (newest drivers possible)
    • my brothers laptop with some integrated nvidia card (newest drivers possible)
    • my fathers very old laptop with some ATI card (newest drivers possible)

    On every one of this setups SpriteFont issue is present in this particular project file. Also I've made few new projects trying to recreate that issue (on every of these computers) without success. Every new project I made was displaying properly.

    So yes, this is not a driver bug - unless all currently available new drivers are broken. My current drivers for Geforce 780 are from 3/10/2014 version 335.23.

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