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  • Hi!

    My first project with Construct 2 was a basic pinball. Today, I've tried to build an improved version from scratch, but I encountered a problem with rotating paddles.

    In my first project I used a rotation joint, 0 to 30 degrees, and then applied a +100 impulse towards angle 30 to make either paddle move forward (it was weird for me same angle worked for left and right paddle, since one rotated counter-clockwise and the other clockwise).

    In this project, after trying many approaches, I've returned to my previous strategy, but:

    • The paddles don't rotate around "origin" distance point. They rotate around image center. I've tried to insert a third paddle (so I could see if the first sprite, duplicated as first and second paddle, was buggy). The result is the same.
    • The paddles return to their default position the long way rotating counter-clockwise, even when they could reach it easily by rotating clock-wise (i.e. they "fall" to 0? by rotating +335? instead of -30?).

    Weirdest of all, paddles work fine on my older project., with the same settings.

    The older, working project is previous to the "auto mirrot/flip" supression (Construct 2 transition from r68 to r69). Does it matter?

  • Physics doesn't work so well when you do things like 'set angle' and 'set position' - it has to teleport the object in the physics world to keep up. If you think it's a bug though, can you post a .capx to the bugs forum?

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  • At first I tried using "set angle", but I turned to use "impulse".

    I'll upload the Capx to see what happens with point.

  • OK. First bug detected and semi-solved.

    I'll post a description on "Bugs forum".

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