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Adjusting the game screen for different resolutions (Letterbox scale)
  • Hello, guys. I have a test project that has a monster by touching the screen it moves.

    I'm having trouble towards the resolutions of different android devices, tested my app on my galaxy ace and it worked well, so I set the size of 320x480 layolt to your measurements, and let the scale as letterbox scale when tested on Galaxy Y , 320x240, the monster in the right part of the screen was not until the end, he got a limit. Duos and Galaxy S also same thing! How do I get a proper resolution and that this problem does not appear? Applied the window size to the resolution size of my cell phone 320.480 (portrait) what can I do to ensure that these problems do not arise in other devices.?

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  • Hi Maykel,

    This question has been discussed a lot on the forum, and it may be worth checking out this tutorial by Ashley ('Supporting multiple screen sizes').

    Or you could just do a search for multiple screen sizes / resolutions, on the forum. You'll get loads of hits (as I said it's a topic which has been discussed at great length).

    Hope that helps you out :)

  • Thanks Ferrero. I found nothing definitive about resolutions which is too bad, since it is not possible to do this easily. Ashely could help us with it in a clearer way does not it?

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