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  • Hi Guys:

    I am trying to use the "Preview on Lan" feature of Construct2 to test my project on my Android device. I have already gone through the "excellent" tutorial on doing this (multiple times). However I am unable to get Construct2 to see the IP address of my Android device. I have searched the forums for an answer - but couldn't see one that is related to my problem. I have created a short zip file of screenshots of my issue - could someone please take a look and get back to me as to what I am doing wrong.

    Thanks so much.


    BTW - I am using release 163 (licensed) of Construct 2.


  • you don't have to set the IP of your android device, but the one of your computer, the device access your computer.

    Also it is the local IP, not the public IP, Just set C2 with the IP of your desktop, then restart it as administrator, and preview, the local IP should appear in the url tab of your desktop, just enter it on your device browser/cocoonJS testing app, and should work

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  • Hi Aphrodite:

    Thanks for the quick response and help. I was "way off track on that one" - understand now.



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