problem with position sound and rotate sprite

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  • hi

    i created sprite(red) and i want to hear the sound from it.

    then i created sprite2(blue) for source of the sound.

    when i am in the left of the blue and look up i hear the sound from my right speaker but when i look down from the same position, the sound still come from right speaker but it should hear from the left speaker because when i look down, blue is in my left.

    it work only with position but i want it to work with rotation too.

    i try to rotate layer, but layer rotate from the center not from the sprite position.

    please help me to fix that problem?

    here is my .capx:

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  • am i post it to the wrong place?

    don't you understand what i mean? my English is bad; if you don't understand what i want please tell me.

    please help me.

    i test it in cocoonjs and i understand that 3d sound dose not work in android!

    it is really annoying. every project that i want to make have some problem!

    i created another project and it is not working with cocoonjs! and phonegap is too slow and don't support webgl and saving don't work!

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