Problem with Node-Webkit

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  • Hi guys

    I'm having two backgrounds, grass and ground, and 1 sprite, which i use for masking between them.

    It looks great when I run the layout in Chrome. But when I export it to Node-Webkit I got this problem

    What is more bizarre is when I do the same setup in a new Construct2 project this problem do not exist. I've compared the 2 projects but there seems to be no difference.

    Here is a link to the problem capx

    Any help is apreciated

  • Looks good here. Maybe it's a problem with your graphics card

    Couldn't you just make those two images a single image in an image editor?

  • Looks ok to me. Tested in Node-webkit and Firefox.

  • Weird, I've never seen anything like that before. Are your graphics drivers up to date? What GPU do you have?

  • Well, the same problem happens at my home and at my work PCs. Both are with up to date video drivers.

    It only happens when exporting the project to Node-Webkit, not just previewing it.

    Not sure at work, but here at home i got NVidia GTX 560.

    Sometimes the ground texture is not stretched, but just looks very low rez, nothing like how it looks at Chrome.

    Can anyone confirm that Exporting to Node-Webkit gives that bug?

    Btw 7Soul I made it like this because of texture resolution. I got 2 tilable backgrounds and low rez mask, so i got better resolution for lower texture size.

  • What version of node ?

  • I updated to Construct version 192 and for Node-Webkit export it wanned to install newer Node-Webkit. I believe node version is 0.11 for Construct 2.

    With 187 build of Construct and the previous Node i got similar results.

    Here is a link to what i got when exporting to Node (its 20mb file)

  • Just out of interest do you have the same issue if you preview in node ?

    I have tried your capx both previewed in chrome & node and also exported in node and i dont see your issue.

  • Check your graphics drivers are up to date. Node-webkit forces the GPU to be used (since by default it blacklists all XP and Vista systems), but this means the game is more susceptible to driver bugs.

  • spongehammer Previewing in both Node and Chrome it looks allright, but when exporting to Node, and apparently as i just tried exporting to HTML5 Website, it looks broken. It doesn't look stretched as the screenshots at the first post but super low rez and kinda bugged.

    Here is what i got exporting to HTML5 ... index.html

    Do you guys see this normally?

    And Ashley yes, my video drivers are up to date, 18.11.2014.

  • Do you guys see this normally?

    yes this looks fine to me.

    do you know what version of Node you are using?

    here's the previous Node install.. ... for-c2.exe

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  • [attachment=0:2m1vb8yf][/attachment:2m1vb8yf]

    That's how it looks to me. The amount of blurring actually depends on the browser window size. At full screen there's only a tiny blur at the left edge but as I shrink the window down more and more of the path gets blurred.

  • ramones is this from Node Preview or Export? which version of Node do you have?

  • That's HTML5 website export. It's the same in Chrome/Firefox/IE.

  • jobel As I installed Construct2 192 build it asked from me to install Node-Webkit v0.11.0, which i believe is the last node version. Before that I was using 187, with I don't know what version of node, and the problem was the same.

    Furthermore, if i make the same setup in new project in construct2, i got it working allright even when exported, but this particular project gives that bug.

    And the problem is not only the stretching op the texture. Its getting weird. Here is another comparison screenshots

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