Problem with JSON, but not sure it's a bug

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  • Hi. I've been working on a tilemining game, and i've come across this issue. This game uses big arrays and tilemaps, but if i have understood correctly this shouldn't be a big problem unless the tile image is really big.

    When you run this capx, it generates a big tilemap choosing between two kind of tiles on a layout, save it as a json string, and loads it in the next layout. Running it on firefox is fine, but on NW.js and chrome it crashes. If you change the choose condition and just put one kind of a tile, it works fine. ... DlXcU9fQXc

    I guess there is something wrong with using those big arrays or tilemaps, because when deleting one of those that are left on the project, it runs ok. So i guess that this is not a bug, and probably there is something that i've been doing wrong, but i can't find it. Loading it tile by tile on just one layout works fine.

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