Problem to import Audio.

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  • Hi guys, i have some problems to import audio on my project.

    i have a Windows 7 Profesional SP1, but when i try to import any file it says (Need Windows 7+ to convert AAC), even if i try to import a AAC file (converted with a 3rd party software). At the end it only creates the OGG.

    that's one part.

    the other is if a test the game on PC, preview and on my site, sounds works perfect. However if i try to tested on my iphone doesnt happen. Actually if i try to get direclt the OGG, Safari said : "Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid" and Chrome said This webpage is not available. I just put the MIME on my hosting Cpanel. If i try to get the same ogg on my PC it works perfect.

    does anybody have a clue on this?


  • It seems that the browser plays different files when it's on mobile or PC. Try to import WAV files instead of AAC files. It will create 2 additional files+WAV files.

  • Well, at first I was using wav files, but it only generate a single ogg file. Assuming because the message that it seems I'm using a previous os. That's why I tried to using a AAC directly


  • Then you may try to import three files with the third party software, WAV, AAC, and OGG. It's somewhat bothersome but gonna work.

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  • now its solved. I had Steam running in Compatibility Mode.

    Thanks a lot.

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