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  • Hello,

    I'm making a very simple test to check the permformance of a game and it seems to run slow.



    • Is it normal for such a simple game I have performance problems?
    • Could you test the game in your computers and tell me if it runs smoothly?
    • Am I doing something wrong?

    I've tested with Firefox 14 and Chrome 21. I have Windows 7 (64 bits), 3'40 GHz and 8 GB RAM.

    I would appreciate any advice :)

    Thank you

  • something must be wrong on your end, I'm getting a solid 60 FPS and my computer is nearly 6 years old.

    I'm also on a 64 bits win7 ultimate

  • ok first of all i think your graphic card is too old or something like that or its not up to date .. check it

    2nd thing this game is really smooth i even get more than 60 fps on chrome and IE and this is a picture if you wanna see :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    this picture from google chrome (latest version)

    by the way i used my 4 years old laptop with 4 gb ram , and windows 7 32bit

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  • Have you considered the following:

    -Virus Scan, Programs or pop-ups running in background.

    -Haven't cleared cache for a long time.

    -Updated appropriate drivers/browsers.

    -Tested game with fewer tabs open.

    -Exported game then tested it.

    -Considered webhost of game.

    -Absence of apple pie and tea while playing game.

    For myself I get an average of 59 fps (58-60), and that's while running a laptop which professes an obvious hatred for me and anything associated with game design.

  • Solid 60 FPS here as well, in Chrome.

    The most likely cause is your graphics card drivers are out of date and the browser is falling back to software rendering. Try updating your graphics drivers.

  • I benchmarked a 64fps on Chrome. Something must be up on yer end.

  • 60FPS most of the time.

    As Ashley said, its probably your graphics card.

    If you need this though, HERE is a manual with tips on speeding up your game.

  • OK

    Thanks. We have tested it in 15 computers, in local and online, and with no good results. Many variations and always the freeze.

    Finally I have made another version using physics which has better response so i will use this one instead. The movement is better, I don?t really know why.

    I have two new problems in that version, but i will ask in a new thread not to confuse questions

    Thanks all for your interest.

  • 60 FPS on Chrome (4 years laptop) and 300 to 500 FPS on IPAD 1 (appMobi export with Direct Canvas).

    Are those 15 computers on the same LAN?

  • Those 15 computers must be really messed up.. it seems to run very well on all our machines.

  • 15 computers? O__o

  • They are in differente lans.

    My father, friends, girlfriend, :) Maybe all my contacts don�t update the graphic card, ja ja.

    I have tried with them a similar test but using flash (I�m not going to use that i really enjoy construct2) and the performance was a bit better but similar to the physics solution which I�m finally using

    Now i�m optimizing image size after reading this wonderful forum.

    Thanks all of you, but i don�t want to make you spend more time with this as the code is fine and the problem is of the test computers.

    Before post this i have tried another games (commercial) and the conclusion is that i need modern testers <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thanks again to all of you that makes this forum so useful

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