Problem exporting to Windows8

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  • when i compile my exported windows8 app project i am getting the following error in vs:

    Could not find SDK "Microsoft.WinJS.1.0, Version=1.0".     C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Microsoft.Common.targets     

    in vs Microsoft.WinJS.1.0 has a yellow warning sign.

    i tried to delete Microsoft.WinJS.1.0 add it again but the project compiles and then fails to run.

    i am using vs 2012 express rc 11.0.50522

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  • if i delete and add Microsoft.WinJS.1.0 it compiles fine, but when it runs it breaks on this line:

    var app = WinJS.Application;

  • could it be that i need .net framework 4 and i have 4.5?

    tried to install v4 but it does not let me as i have 4.5

  • It sounds like you're using the Release Preview or Consumer Preview. These old builds of Windows 8 aren't supported any more - you need RTM.

  • downloaded windows rtm (expired in 90 days)

    and vs express 2012 and all worked 100% fine right out of the box!

    i am using letterbox scaling to resize and fit all possible resolutions. seems to be working great. is there any other cropping/scaling option that i might have missed and which produces better results?

    i'm really impressed in a BIG way at the integration of c2 with windows8. c2 apps play flawlessly as if they were native

  • so i have 1 last question....

    how can i copy my app and move it to another windows8 pc to test it there?

    i have tried to search a bit, but this info seems pretty scarce right now

  • I'm guessing you've figured this out already, but if not:

    Create a package (not a store export) from your game in Visual Studio.

    Once you've done that, copy the folder to your other PC.

    There should be a powershell executable in the folder, so right click on it on your new pc and choose "run with powershell"

    That will install it to your 'metro' desktop.

  • thanks a lot, did figure it out after some experimentation

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