problem with construct 2- become unstable

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  • I have a problem with construct 2, I build a game that now has 60 levels and will have a 130th Now when traveling on the levels and duplicates it gives me an error 'program has stopped responding' I fear I will not finish the game on time (binds me my first contract with the customer)

    program stops working when I open it again what do I do?

  • Construct 2 has stopped responding or the game running in a browser? Do you know exactly what causes the problem?

  • construct stopped responding when i work on project, sometimes when i switch levels in event sheet. is getting worse now i cant open my capx

  • Hmmm...

    File size?

    Computer specs?

    Program info (Memory usage)?

    It sounds like you're computer's conking out due to stress, have you tried just running Construct 2 and setting it's priority to High in the Task Manager?

  • File size 1.38 MB capx-

    specification computer Intel Core i5 2.26 GHz

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 512 VRAM

    6GB DDR3

    Windows 7 32 bit

    Priority changed from 'normal' to 'high' and I try to load my project again

    as a result of the same error pops up before you load the entire project

  • This happened to me too. I worked for weeks on the contest project. Had it pretty snazzy. Then suddenly the project would no longer open. Actually it opened, displayed the layout and other tabs. Yet the the pages were blank. I only had two days to re-do my contest entry. I was wondering if I hit a maximum of events and it locked up or something.

  • In my opinion, construct 2 becomes unstable when it has load a lot of layouts

    I think Ashley must look at it and if you can fix this please do this fas as you can i have 7 days left to finish my project. Thanks!

  • C2 is unstable when it has a lot of opened tabs at the same time. I was doing a game with 50 layouts, and got the problem. Close all the layout you aren't currently working on...

  • Pode i cant open my project now, he stops responding before all layouts have been loaded. You have right, 50+ layouts its dead end i dont know this before

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  • How about using the backup file?

    If there's no other way, you can send Ashley an email describe about this problem, maybe he can help you quickly (just a hint, i don't know for sure).

  • i try open backup project and happening this same because i have 70 layouts in my project.

    I wait for Ashley reply

    thanks colleagues for your interest

  • Please Ashley read this topic i need tips, time is not my friend.


  • Sorry for the delay, I was away for the last week.

    Please send me any projects which crash so I can investigate them. I can often recover projects to stop them crashing as well. Please report issues like this as bugs and read how to report bugs - you *must* provide all the information mentioned for us to be able to help, otherwise we cannot do anything.

    If you have too many tabs open, deleting all the .uistate.xml files in the project will reset the UI to default and open the project with no tabs open, or one tab open (I forget what it does in that case). If you have a .capx project, rename it .zip and extract it to get the folder project.

  • Ashley i send you my capx to yours email.

  • Ashley Hey, how goes? you can do something about it?

    i try delete this file and finally i can start my project with one day left to go!

    Keep your fingers crossed for me

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