Problem with CocoonJS preview (errors or black)

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  • Hi. I added the CocoonJS object to my new game and tried to preview it via Wifi but I get about 100 errors when trying this.

    It says: "Cannot open the javascript file "preview_cocoonjs_postlude.js": NSURLErrorDomain and Ressources cant be found.

    Now I tried to copy the exported .zip to my iPod with iTunes to open it in the cocoon launcher but I get a black screen and the launcher crashes every time.

    But the game is only 2 layers with 400 tiny star sprites (white dots) and the layout moves right (scroll to X) to simulate moving stars and a soundfile plays in the background.

    Does anyone know how I can fix the wifi preview or crashing launcher on my iPod (4th gen)? I downloaded the CocoonJS Launcher from iTunes about 30 minutes ago so it should not be outdated?

  • Not sure if this is relevant to your problem, but when I was having black screen issues with games on my Android tablet I resolved it by changing the Cocoon physics engine from 'Accelerated' to 'Standard web-based'.

    To do that, add the CocoonJS object (if you haven't already) then change the physics engine through its properties.

  • I will try this tomorrow, thanks. (But I did not use any physics)

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  • This will be fixed when Ludei releases a new version of the launcher. No ETA.

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