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  • Hi, have any of you experienced problems loading games from Dropbox in Chrome lately?

    My finished game used to run perfectly but now it stucks in the first layout, but runs in IE and Firefox 99% of the times

    I also tried to load and old game I've had in dropbox for more than a month, thinking that I messed up with the code, but now that one doesn't load either, but once again it does in IE and Firefox.


  • danuyos

    I've been finding the same thing with the dropbox link to my Board Horde game, but only on certain systems; it works perfectly fine on firefox on my laptop and safari on my ipad, but when I close it down on IE 9 browser and try to reopen it again it hangs at the loading screen (or only partially loads for one other user). I did discover that clearing the history cache made it work again on IE (until I close the browser, then it hangs again when the link is reloaded).

    It's possible that it's something I've done in the export, though it seems odd that it was working perfectly fine at one point.

    If you post your link here I'll give it a few tests on various machines, and let you know what I get (might not have a result until the end of the day)

    If you're able to do the same with this link and let me know if you have problems, it'd be appreciated.

    • Dave
  • This topic here might help you:

    I changed my link to '' and it seems to work just fine now (so far, at least)

  • Dave Hailwood - I just tried the link to your Board Horde game with Chrome and I just got a black screen after loading.

    I have been testing a lot of prototypes on Dropbox this week, and I have had exactly the same issues with freezing, using both the http and https links.

    I have noticed that it depends largely on the number and size of the images. Small projects work fine, but big ones don't.

    I uploaded the same larger projects to Google Drive and saw a massive improvement. I think ultimately free web hosting is not the answer for big or complex games, still I'd say it's worth giving Google Drive a try

    (Edit: Tried Link in Firefox and got to the title screen before it froze)

  • SecondDimension

    Out of curiosity, did you try the original Board Horde link above, or the version that's ammended with 'https' (such as this one:

    I've had some reports that the new ammended link works perfectly in Chrome, but then I was originally getting reports saying the old link was working just fine. Seems Dropbox is being very temperamental at the moment (and my game's only 3mbs in size!)

    Thanks for the Google drive tip - if Dropbox is still misbehaving when I do my next game update, I will definitely look into using it as an alternative.

  • We had some bug reports recently about games failing to run on Dropbox, but it looked like a problem with the host (some images would fail to download). I'd recommend using a real server anyway if at all possible, since these personal file hosts aren't really designed for this type of thing.

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  • Hi Dave Hailwood, in the first link I got a grey background and 6 images (avatars like)and it hangs.. the same that happens to me.. this is Chrome 26.x .. in IE it works

    I think the problem started last week with the Ddos attack.. or that thing. but is funny/discouraging to know that IE and Firefox get to load the game but not Chrome (which I found better than IE)

  • Dave Hailwood - The second link worked after I pressed F5 to refresh about a million times

  • SecondDimension

    Aha! So all I need do is flash up a quick message that reads 'Please press F5 a million times', link in some sort of 'Achievement' and everything's cool! (or I could just switch to Google Drive...) Thanks for giving it a try again - it's much appreciated.


    strange that Chrome seems to have taken a disliking to it. Hadn't heard about the Ddos attack, so that's interesting to learn.


    I'm hoping to submit my game for the Newgrounds competition, so fortunately it'll be hosted on their site. I heard is a good place to try out, so I'll give that a go too. It's nice to learn it wasn't my 'Mash Keys And Hope' approach to programming that was causing the problems, anyway.

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