A private forum section for WiiU devs?

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  • Hi everyone!

    A few member of the C2 forum are developing games for WiiU, but can't get much info on best practice or how to optimize for WiiU because of the NDAs.

    The official Nintendo way is kind of a dead end, the HTML5 Nintendo Web Framework being only used by a very, very few devs. 99% of the talks on their newsgroup are related to more conventional tools. And the 1% left uses HTML5, but not Construct.

    I'm in dying need of advices for the Penelope WiiU port, and having somewhere to discuss would really, really helps.

    Would it be too risky to create a dedicated space? (stricly private, under NDA, only for people with proof of being official WiiU developers)


    PS: please, if you're not already a WiiU official developer, don't use this thread to discuss WiiU developement. You won't get answers, nothing can be explained in public without Scirra getting troubles. Thanks for them : )

  • Why not just use the Wii U forums. Then you know there is no NDA problems discussing about performance gains.

  • Maybe you can ask Tom to create and put you in Wii usergroup in this forum, and create private forum, that is one way to do it.

  • I would say the best best would be to have a part dedicated about c2 in the nintendo forums, not sure how that could be done as I have no idea (and will not even ask) how their forums are organised.

  • Thanks for your answers.

    jayderyu Well, unfortunately I don't see much people using C2 there. The Nintendo Web Framework is based on HTML5, not only on Construct, so the few users are talking about "real" code here. (Which sounds like moonspeak to me)

    DuckfaceNinja Yep, let's try the magic "@" spell! Tom + Ashley = ? : )

    Aphrodite That would be very nice, but sadly I don't think they will re-organize their newsgroups just for a few users.

    (nice Wonderboy 6 avatar, BTW!)

  • There is a Construct 2 specific forum on Nintendo's developer forums, can't you access that? If not you should ask Nintendo.

    We do not want to run our own forums since information is covered by NDA and we don't want to get in to the business of deciding who has an NDA agreement with Nintendo - only Nintendo know that for sure.

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  • I only have access to the newsgroups. Is there something else, like a real, modern forum like the C2 one?

    That would be fantastic, and that would explain why I'm having troubles to find Construct devs friends on the newsgroups.

    I'll ask Nintendo then, no problem.

    That's probably my fault, I got accepted months ago, but because of the PC version, I'm only starting the WiiU optimization process.

    I may have skipped an e-mail at this time, and only focused on the newsgroups as it was the only thing available when I was making Nintendo DS games a long time ago.

    Thanks a lot for the answer Ashley! Much appreciated.

  • There is a forum when you log into the Nintendo dev site. In that forums, there is a c2 specific sub forum.

  • ArcadEd Thanks, my account manager at Nintendo can't give me access to it, but I just contacted the NOA support team.

    Hopefully they will help me on this.

  • Aurel - I'll look for you on there, and send you a PM.

  • Manley23 Oh, thanks! That's very kind of you.

    Sadly, I'm not sure I'll be given the rights to access to the forums, though.

    I'm still negociating with the Nintendo support, but they are very strict about who goes where.

    Newsgroups people and forum people don't have the right to talk in the same place for some (understandable) reasons of them.

  • Also on there as 'nateschmold'... things have died down painfully in the past few months...

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