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  • If purchasing the Early Adopter now will it be lifetime, yearly, or till version x.xx is released?

    Also Will the .exe export be an additional fee or included?

    Finally about Android

    a - is there any idea about a release year and quarter?

    b - will there be a up-charge if so can you give a ball park price?

    c - can you add an export for Nook Color and Kindle Fire?

  • It's a lifetime license, but it will only apply to Construct 2 - when we release Construct 3 that will be a different product, but we're not even planning it yet, we have a lot of work to do on Construct 2 first.

    We can't confirm any plans about an EXE exporter at this stage I'm afraid, we still have a lot to do on the HTML5 exporter.

    The same goes for Android, but you can already get games running on Android via the browser, or by PhoneGap (currently experimental, and hopefully should work better when Android 4 comes out).

  • What will Construct 3 have that Construct 2 does not?

    Expected release of C3?

    Oh and I forgot Can I load a bought C2 on my home PC and Laptop for travel since I can only use 1 at a time?

    Thank you

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  • Guyon,

    Construct 3 isn't even being thought about yet! We just let people know that one day, in the future, Construct 3 might be a possibility and it's likely a Construct 2 license will not be valid. It's nothing to worry about!

    We allow you to use a Construct 2 license on other devices on the condition it's only you using it! Each license is per user. Also one thing good to note is that Construct 2 is a portable program. You can copy and paste it onto a USB stick and it should run just fine!


  • Thank you for the quick response.

    Ordering now

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