Preview takes forever to load in Chrome?

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  • Hey all. Up until now I've been previewing my program in Chrome, and it seemed to work just fine until I (apparently) added a sprite and some events pertaining to it, or at least that's the last thing I remember doing. Now Chrome will show me the loading bar but never actually load, even though the bar fills up all the way. Removing the object and events doesn't solve anything, so I don't think they're the actual cause of the problem. The preview still works in Firefox, so it's only an inconvenience right now. Also, if it makes any difference, the loading bar used to be blue (still is in FF), whereas in Chrome it now shows up as red, perhaps to indicate high CPU usage. Why's Chrome bugging out suddenly?

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  • I'm using firefox now as default. Chrome is unworkable for me at the moment. I even changed all my bookmarks over etc as chrome takes forever to load pages, and it has a horrible memory leak.

    Since the last update I think.

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