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  • Hi

    I've been having a great time with cinstruct 2 and still do, but I have hit a bump.

    Last night the preview fuction suddenly stopped working. When ever I "run layout" the browser starts, and the preview opens. Then it loads until hitting just about 32% and then stops. I've gone through scirra's "Troubleshooting Construct 2's preview server" but with no luck.

    I've tried in Firefox, IE, Opera and chrome, but with absolutely no difference.

    I hope someone will be able to help me

    Thanks in advance

    PS. capx:

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  • You are using a very old version of C2 - r190. I recommend updating to at least the latest stable - r212.2 - to ensure you don't encounter bugs that have already been fixed.

    This problem is to do with a cascaid runaway event - Event 55. Disable this and it will preview.

  • Thank you very much just deleted it and has been fixed

    I'll get to downloading the new version straight away

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