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  • This is a shot in the dark but is there any reason why the observed performance of a game would be better in Preview Layout mode versus running the exported code on an external HTTP server on the same browser?

    We are using rexrainbow's excellent MoveTo behaviour in translating an approx. 380px X 290px sprite across the page. As the iPad 2 is a target device (don't ask) in testing on that device when viewed in Preview mode via "Preview Layout" the FPS rate goes between 35-50 FPS but when we export and view the same sequence on a "real" server the FPS drops to 1FPS and crawls along.

    I know this is a shot in the dark but does anyone know of an reason why this might happen?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help with this.


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  • It should be the other way round: exporting removes a bunch of checks and runs a series of optimisations that should improve performance. 1 FPS after export definitely sounds like some kind of fault, but nobody can help without at least a link to the exported project, and preferably the .capx too.

  • Thanks Ashley. Thanks kinda the response I was expecting. It's a strange one to us as well. Unfortunately for contractual reasons I cannot share the project or capx file. I will have a chat with one of the other devs and see if he can shed any light on what's happening.



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