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  • From the new version changelog

    Preview-on-LAN in fullscreen on iOS should now work identically to when exporting

    Why? It was the best thing ever to have the status bar in overlay mode because phonegap can run in full screen by changin an option before compiling!

    I think your choice was made because of appmobi (which I'm starting to hate) if anything it should've been the opposite way around! The status bar breaks the resolution of the screen, can you please put this as an option, I can't update otherwise because it makes iOS testing harder.

    Thank you

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  • Well, previewing should look the same as when you press Export. Otherwise you design your game and then you export it and it looks different, which is annoying. So shouldn't it stay this way?

  • I agree, but why don't make the exporter the same as the preview. The status bar steal pixels from the screen, meaning that the aspect ratio is screwed. I see your point because in appmobi it would be a headscratcher if after exporting the aspect ratio would be screwed, but I would like a choice, actually I don't even understand how you were able to put the status bar as an overlay, it would be really great to be able to export that way, especially for appmobi which for reason that I don't understand (seeing is based on phonegap) doesn't offer the option to hide the statusbar.

  • You can set the "apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" meta tag to "translucent-black" in the preview-fs.html and export-fs.html templates in the install directory if you like, but I think it's best to keep it consistent between the two. If you properly support multiple screen sizes, it shouldn't make too much of a difference.

  • Unless I'm missing something, if you develop at 480,320 then fullscreen for retina display the aspect ratio is correct, having the statusbar (which is 20px) ruins the aspect ratio, meaning that you should develop at 460,320 to have the correct aspect ratio with the statusbar.

    There are tons of request on the appmobi forum to implement the hidestatusbar function (that currently exists in phonegap) for this same reason.

    Anyway I'll just change the templates, thank you very much!

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