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  • Hi,

    I want to test something simple I made while I was doing a tutorial on this website.

    At a certain point the writer said that you can preview the work, but nothing happens.

    I looked up the settings and tried default, IE, Firefox and Epic (pirvacy browser), but non of them OPENS a new

    tab on a browser with my project. Is this a common problem?

    Some of my specs:


    64 bit

    Core 2 DUO

    Sony Vaio

    Hope that there is a solution for this

    (btw I updated construct to the latest version)

    EDIT: Now I get the following error message from HTML5 expoerter ''Unable to launch browser 'Chrome' for preview. Please ensure the latest version of this browser is installed on this computer. Alternatively, change the 'preview browser' setting in project properties to another browser.''

    I have alreadt tried this. I don't even have chrome installed on my computer!

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  • I found out why it didn't work (for me)

    The system settings didn't change anything for me, but when I changed the option as seen in the picture below it worked!

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