Preview on iPad keeps reloading?

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  • I'm trying to test my project on an iPad using the "Add to Home Screen" method, but when I try to load the project in Safari it keeps crashing. It will display the C2 loading bar, get to the end, wait a minute, then restart with the message "A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded." Sometimes I even get to see the project's main menu before it crashes.

    I'm unsure at what point in the making of it that this started occurring, so I can't narrow down the cause easily. Has anyone experienced something similar? Is this a memory issue?

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  • Update bump:

    Tried the same thing on an iPad Mini and it seems to work fine, not even slow performance or anything. Could this be a processing power and/or memory problem issue on the older model? If so, what is it likely caused by, bad code, loading too many graphics at once, or any of these? My total images add up to ~6mb so I hesitate to blame the graphics, but who knows.

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