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  • Hi guys, any idea why I get a delay in previewing my game in Chrome? When I hit "Run Layout" Chrome shows a white screen for about 5-10 secs and then the actual loading starts (which is quick by the way). I can't figure out why it takes so long to get to the loading screen. I didn't have the problem on my previous laptop, it was pretty much instant. And it was a slower laptop!

    Any help appreciated.



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  • Is this delay present with other browsers too? Have you tried Firefox and/or IE for comparison? The delay happens every time you hit "Run Layout" and if yes, even when the previous Preview is running in Chrome? What version of Construct are you using?

  • I don't have Firefox but it seems a bit better in IE, but still not perfect. I got the latest beta version of C2. Had the same problem with the stable version too.



  • Do you have any plugin installed on your browser? If so try to deactivate them one by one.

  • Hmm it must have been the plugins, I've disabled some and it seems a bit faster. Thanks eli0s and Knifegrinder!


  • Hmmm, I can't see any delay in my system. Almost any browser opens and runs the preview at the same time. I used the rts template to have a standard benchmark project.

    Perhaps it's what Knifegrinder said. Have you used the debugger? Check if the CPU runs at within the expected levels, maybe something stresses it for some reason.



  • Is it normal for the framerate to drop drastically in debug mode? Without debug mode my game runs smoothly, probably 60fps. In debug mode it runs 25fps. CPU load is 60-70%, is that normal or too high?

  • It is normal if you have many objects and you leave the debugger showing and updating everything (the default state when it runs). Just click on the things you wish to check (the eye icons are very handy if you want to inspect many different items at the same time) and you will see great improvement in fps, if not the same as when normal previewing.

  • Thanks eli0s, that's helpful!

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