Prevent autocomplete "autofill" from selecting on enter?

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  • Is there a way to prevent Autocomplete (autofill) from inserting the highlighted suggestion when pressing Enter/Return/Space bar when entering a Value?


    ---Set Value---

    Variable: PlayerName

    Value: PlayerTeam

    When trying to enter "Player" into Value and pressing "Enter key" to confirm or "Space Bar" for a space, it will automatically insert an object, family, etc that starts with "Player", like "PlayerTeam" or "PlayerObject".

    I know this is a small issue. I couldn't find it in settings.

    I am not looking to disable the autocomplete feature, just to prevent it from auto inserting the top suggestion on the press of Enter/Return/Space Bar key. It sometimes causes issues when I don't catch it right away.

  • You always can press Right Arrow Key before pressing space/tab/enter/return...

    But if you dont have varibale with that name construct will prevent you from closing the dialog box and will point on Syntax Error.

  • The ESC key also works.

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  • I didn't think of using ESC. Will be helpful. Thanks.

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