[Pretty Advanced] Re-associate Existing Sprite Possible?

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  • What I Want To Achieve (Expected Result):

    I would like to have a single sprite instance to be controlled by either the host or the peer on demand.

    What this basically means is that the single sprite instance has got to be synced up between both games, with all the

    existing data (eg. current physics velocity).

    Observed Result:

    Changing the controls seems to work fine, however the client is not able to control

    the character. It just jiggles around, it seems the like the multiplayer plugin is blocking the movement.

    Example Project:

    I've made a quick example to safe you guys some work, you can get it from HERE.

    Speculation/Personal Thoughts:

    I think that I've reached a boundary of the multiplayer plugin and also found some minor bugs.

    I would appreciate if anyone with experience in multiplayer could provide me a working example, maybe even Ashley himself.

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  • I found a workaround for this by myself, feel free to add something if there is something left.

    Anyway, I'd consider this to be closed up and done. ~

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