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  • Hi,

    In my game there's tons of different objects, mostly different enemy types and their subobjects like particles and whatnot. What would be the most preferable way to prepare these objects for spawning in levels? So far I've had this seperate layout I call the "Stuff Board" where I simply put everything that's going to be manually spawned in the actual game. On that board I set up the object's behavior settings and such to what they should be. I've noticed that I can't change those numbers through the actual object list, so I was sorta forced to make this kind of messy stuff board. I'm not sure if this is the most optimal way to do this, though.

    How do you guys manage your big piles of objects in your projects? I've heard that some people just put those objects outside the level layouts and remove them on the startup, but somehow that seems even messier to me. I could maybe use that for one-off things like bosses and level-specific effects, but not for "generic" stuff like enemies and objects that are found in every level.

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  • So all these objects are not spawned but start in the layout?

    The object list only gives you the parent information, you need to select the individual instance to set it's specific values.

    I put everything outside the layout, I make my margins giant and use CTRL-MouseWheel to scroll way in/out

    Anything that is spawned-only like, bullets, explosions, enemies etc.. I immediately destroy OnStart of Layout, but then I would only have one of that object in my Layout.

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