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  • I was under the impression that we didn't need to preload sounds and music with node-webkit exports because the files have already been downloaded, however I was recently told that I am incorrect. Can someone please clear this up for me as I haven't been adding preload events to any of my node-webkit exports.

    Also, while we're on the node-webkit topic, how do I check which version I am currently using?

  • I'm not sure about preloading sounds vs NW. Until your post here I assumed that because NW is based on Chrome, everything there should work the same - but I could be wrong. Regarding the version of NW you'r running, follow TiAm's tutorial here which describes how to over-write the C2 standard latest NW build, if you wish to install a custom or older version. To confirm which version you have installed already, if you run nw from the NodeWebkitForC2 folder and type "nw:version" in the address bar, that will show you which version you have installed on your computer.

  • Ok, thank you Colludium. Could anyone else in the know please chime in as to the need to preload sounds and music in Node-Webkit exports. I could have sworn that you didn't have to since the files were already downloaded onto the computer. Thanks again.

  • There's an option in project properties to enable automatic preload - and it's a good idea to use that for most projects. Although the sound files are loaded onto your hard drive in a nw package, they are not loaded into the browser engine until you load (call) or preload them. On rereading your original post I think that's the confusion.

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  • I could've swore I read somewhere from Ashley that preload functions as loading the sound/music into the RAM at the moment of preload when you use it on Node-Webkit as opposed to also downloading it on other mediums. So it gets rid of any potential delay when you play it if you've preloaded it.

  • I guess I should start preloading then. I really didn't think it was necessary with Node-Webkit.

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