Preloading music doesn't work in mobile?

  • I will look in to memory management for music at some point, but I can't give any ETA right now. We're constantly extremely busy balancing Construct 3 development and Construct 2 maintenance.

  • Alright, thanks for the reply Since there isn't an ETA, I'll try and figure out the performance issues on (it's almost good to go an iPhone 6, but it takes up A LOT of cpu), since I can get audio working properly on that.

    I appreciate your time, cheers.

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  • blekdar Hey did you ever get pre loading sounds to work in Cocoon io - Canvas+

  • Hi, guys! I just wanted to mention that I had the same issue. Musics weren't playing on iOS and Android.

    As previously said, I did following changes to my project and it works:

    • Moved all music files from Music to Sound folder inside C2;
    • Removed my previous events (that were using System variable comparisons), and started using "On Touch" and "On Keyboard key pressed" events to play musics;

    It now works like a charm in iOS & Android (tested as native app on real device).

    I exported project for Cordova, then built a zip via Intel XDK, and got the ipa & apk with PhoneGap.

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