Preloading music doesn't work in mobile?

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  • I will look in to memory management for music at some point, but I can't give any ETA right now. We're constantly extremely busy balancing Construct 3 development and Construct 2 maintenance.

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  • Alright, thanks for the reply ASHLEY. Since there isn't an ETA, I'll try and figure out the performance issues on (it's almost good to go an iPhone 6, but it takes up A LOT of cpu), since I can get audio working properly on that.

    I appreciate your time, cheers.

  • blekdar Hey did you ever get pre loading sounds to work in Cocoon io - Canvas+

  • Hi, guys! I just wanted to mention that I had the same issue. Musics weren't playing on iOS and Android.

    As previously said, I did following changes to my project and it works:

    • Moved all music files from Music to Sound folder inside C2;
    • Removed my previous events (that were using System variable comparisons), and started using "On Touch" and "On Keyboard key pressed" events to play musics;

    It now works like a charm in iOS & Android (tested as native app on real device).

    I exported project for Cordova, then built a zip via Intel XDK, and got the ipa & apk with PhoneGap.

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