Preload Audio doesn't work on iPad?

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  • I have an initial layout / event sheet wherein on Start of Layout, I am preloading the Audio. Once the preload is complete, I have a trigger to go the game layout. It works on PC/desktops. However when I test this on iPad, it just stays on the first layout itself...meaning the code is not entering the condition "Audio All Preloads complete --> Go to Game layout". Any pointers on how to get around this?

    I have done research in the forums and figured out that in iPad / OSX for the audio to play, I need to delete the offline.appcache (or atleast the audio files in offline.appcache). But, if my audio files are of approx 100Kb dialogues, then how do I load them before I start the animating the character corresponding to that audio dialogue? If I dont preload the dialogue, then the audio goes out of sync with the animation.

    Please help if someone faced / resolved this issue earlier.

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