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  • Hey-- i have a quick question-- does "No Programming Required" mean "i cannot get access to the source code for my project to work with it" w/ the paid version ?? or can i get at the code ( javascript, etc. ) w/ purchase of the paid version do you think ?? Would be grateful for any reply from the sellers of the software &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

  • You can export your project with plain javascript and minified javascript (which makes it a bit more difficult to ready for everyone).

    The "No Programming Required" just says, that you don't need to code JavaScript yourself, to write your game.

    Easiest is to download the free version and hava a look. The only difference is, that you are limited to 100 events and a few other things like "Families".

  • Hey-- thanks. Yeah, i have the free version now && its terrific-- really. I'm about to buy the paid version here this week i recon. I messed around with a bunch of different products and burned a HUGE amount of money && time finding out that they were toys-not-tools && got pretty discouraged on into last year. This worked straight out of the box on the first try and i am very happy with it on a n00b level.

    What i was asking is this-- in the folder i created when i exported the project to post to the server-- is there a file with the source code of my game in it i can open and modify ?? I got a load of other questions of course, but will stick to this one for now &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

  • I don't see how to edit the post i just made-- are you saying that if i export as plain java script, i can open that from the export folder and work with (modify, tweak or re-write sections of ) that ??

    -- mark-p.

  • Moved to Construct 2 general.

    Construct 2 does not generate any usable source code. It exports the entire Construct 2 runtime engine, plus a big block of JSON data representing the game. You cannot do anything useful with this after exporting. However, if you're interested in using code with Construct 2, try looking in to the Javascript SDK.

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  • Hey-- thanks && will do.

  • Also as far as the code source for your own project goes, it's saved as a .capx or a folder project.

    More info on that in that entry of the manual.

    Capx and project folders allow you to save and work later on your very own projects. Those are your source codes (a capx being a renamed zip of a project folder as a single file).

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