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  • We can all agree that audio is lacking in Construct 2 and I know this is mostly because of cross-browser compatibility. But audio is an area that can't be overlooked and I've found something that could possibly help with this.



    What this is, is a version of libdeb which works online - without plugins! This would mean that it could be integrated with Constrcut 2, and which would mean that we could build our own channel control, sound grouping, positional audio, reverb zone, dsp effects and occlusion for use directly within Construct 2 and the best part is that it would work on all browsers because PD would be controlling the audio output.

    If Construct 2 can give developers control of the features I just mentioned, it would make it an outstandingly attractive development environment for sound designers and game developers with an interest in sound.

  • That project isn't going to help. libPD is a set of native code (when C2 works only with JS code), and WebPD is using the Moziall Firefox Audio Data API, which isn't available anywhere else.

  • gaaaaaahhh! There must be a solution out there. Googles web audio API looks cool, but I don't really know how to access it even though I think it's already integrated into C2.

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  • There's also a big difference between a DSP library and a game audio engine - the requirements are pretty different.

    FYI sound should work in appMobi, and the next build should get sound working on Android via PhoneGap. The situation is slowly improving. I'm sure with time it'll get better.

  • Yeah I understand that - Pure Data is like MaxMSP though where you can generate and manipulate audio from it - you could even build your own music sequencer in it if you wanted, my friend used it in a game engine he made, he used it to create real-time mixing of sounds / groups / effects and synthesis manipulation.

    All we need in C2 for the basics is:

    Stereo positional sound / ability to assign a sound listener object.


    Perfect looping

    More advanced features like DSP can wait

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