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  • I had the opportunity to demo my game at Pax East this past weekend and wanted to share some issues I encountered with C2.

    I had been testing on my iPad and iPhone, and purchased a Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD last minute to use to demo at Pax as well. When I put the build on the new devices, I was getting about 9 fps. The iPad and iPhone get 30+. So I was unable to use the new devies to demo on, leaving me with just one iPad.

    I ended up demoing on the one iPad and several PC's and Mac's using Xbox controllers. This of course led everyone to think it was an xbox game.

    Throughout the day, the iPad build got buggier and buggier. Things just stopped working, some layers would not always appear, health would not decrease and so on. I'm not sure what would cause the game to get buggier the longer it was being used. Another iPad issue was the on screen controls jittering. They would bounce out of position and back rapidly sometimes and could probably give someone a seizure. This did not happen all the time either.

    On the PC and Mac builds using Node Webkit, they each had different issues. I had to build several times before I got a Mac build that worked well enough to show. The first few builds had layers missing or objects not showing up correctly. The PC build worked for the most part but had a few small bugs different than the Mac and iPad builds.

    I have had the Pax Plague this week so I have not had a chance to investigate yet, but I wanted to share my experience of demoing a WIP build to a large number of people and the issues I encountered while tey were still fresh in my mind. I will investigate this week and see what could be the cause of these issues.

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  • Thanks for that info, and it's awesome that you demoed your game at Pax. How was it received in general?

    Once you've had some time to analyse the issues I'm sure everyone would be very interested in hearing them. Even those of us here who haven't yet released a game (like myself), plan on doing so eventually, so learning about the issues and feedback you experienced would go a long way to help the community as a whole.

    I also think quite a few of us would be going into Mac releases through node-webkit fairly blind, so that in particular would be of interest.

  • HTML5 was slow too?

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