Possible workaround for audio delay and issues on Android?

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  • Testing out my game on Android previewing on browser:

    1. While my games could play all sound effects in timely manner on PC, somehow the game has a slight delay when it is played on Android. This applies to both the stock browser and Android's Chrome.

    2. The music is only played after the player touches the screen one time after "play music" is invoked. If the music stops and another music play, the player must touch the screen again. This applies to the stock browser. For Android's Chrome, the music does not play at all.

    These two issues hurt audio experience and is not acceptable. I recall back then long ago, music didn't play on PC Chrome preview, however, this issue seems already fixed and also exporting the game out and play music yields correct audio playing. But for Android, is there anything I can do here? Are there better audio stuff out there that are more reliable?

    Anyone got experience on exporting for Android? Mind tell me how do you do all these audio charades?

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  • Simple. By exporting via Cordova and use Crosswalk, music could be played without the player touching the screen first.

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