Is it possible to get more tuts on Youtube?

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  • Hi Everyone

    I have been watching youtube for quite some time and im sure alot of people have been aswell.

    Im kinda sad that scirra isnt more active with videos the last uploaded videos were 4 months ago or longer.

    Some things would be easier to understand and learn from watching videos

    there are a certain few who make vids but i would like to see some pros in action from scirra.

    Having video/visual refs are so much better,this is just my thoughts but i would really love to see scirra more active on youtube.

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  • The have a very small team that is dedicated to making C2 the best it can be. I'm sure they just don't have the time to make Tutorial videos.

    They do an amazing job making example projects of all kinds of game types. Maybe someone could walk through making a video tutorial of each of those example projects.

  • I totally would even make some if my computer could reasonably handle the recording and making at a decent framerate. Now that courier is out, I plan on making some text+image tutorials, but I agree that more video tuts would be cool to have.

  • C-7 if you make some vids i will sub your channel and thank you both for your feedback,

    ArcadEd I am fully aware that the scirra team is small im just throwing my 2cents in so they know that people would like to see them more active on social sites,That is how you expand and influence,but like i said there are a certain few who already make vids but it could be done better and by better i mean by being more active.Once again thank you for your feedback and i hope to hear more from people about this subject.

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