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  • I am thinking of buying Construct 2 for business. However, I would like to ensure that the tool supports what I really need.

    1. I want to collect game scores for each player and keep them in my site member database. So, I can track for the top players. Also, is it possible to play game as a guest (if a user is not logged in) and has a log-in screen whose authentication tie with my site member database?

    2. Does the game made with Construct 2 support multi-player? Like a chess board, the first player needs to wait for the second, then the game can start. And of course, those 2 players will need to be site members in order to play a game.

    3. Can Construct 2 make a game with AI? Is programming required?

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  • I will reply

    1-Construct 2 can save the scores via facebook   

    But only for facebook members

    2-for now construct2 is not multiplayer

    3-you can make aything with construct and without any programming languages

  • To be more precise:

    1- "I want to collect game scores for each player and keep them in my site member database."

    You can do that with the AJAX built-in plugin. You'd have to code the server-side script to set and get datas from the database and return them to your app.

    Login screen/authentification is not really advised in JS as eventually, those credentials gould get "easily" intercepted by a malicious person.

    But due to the fact that the application can be embedded directly in a web page/website, you could settle for authentification on the website (classic php script/framework) and use session authentification in your ajax communication, preventing the use of the user's credential, but still making sure the user is who he's supposed to be.

    2- Once again, with clever skills you could set a turn-based multiplayer game with AJAX calls.

    You also have the websocket custom plugin (plugins for C2 section of the forum) that is specifically designed for network communication.

    You would still have to code your server.

    That's why kbdmaster said it is not multiplayer, because, for now, there's no definitive/reusable example or clear documentation out yet. Is it possible, yes. Is it "easy", not really atm, you need to know what you're doing.

    There's a chat plugin available though in the plugins section, and you could maybe consider building upon it, making your own communication protocol for the client/server logic/exchanges. That would make some of the process easier and is reliable.

    3- How events work. That's the "programming" you need.

    So you could set up a basic IA in events. It is all logic after all.

    The complexity of the IA would depend on the complexity you put inside your C2 code, the complexity of the process you set up.

    Tom probably could tell more on the subject.

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