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  • Hi everyone,

    I wanted to know if it was possible for someone to view my project if i remove 3rd party plugins from my events but leave them inside C2 Software Folder.

    If im not using them inside my event sheet will the person im showing my project too need to get the plugin still?

    I am having some issues and i cant get help unless i remove them and that really sucks because by doing so im losing ground.

    Hope i make sense and i hope someone can clarify this for me. Thanks

  • If you remove them from the project itself you will be able to share it and people will be able to open it. Just delete the object and you'll be fine if I'm not mistaken.

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  • If you add any of 3rd party plugins or behaviors (you can still open someones projects even if they are using 3rd party effects) to your game, people will need those to open your file - even if they are only added and not doing anything.

    If your project depend on them, simply share it with a notification "you need XX and YY to open this file"

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