Possible to run C2 Stable and Beta at same time? (Steam)

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  • Hi! Is it possible to install the latest C2 beta while keeping the stable build on Steam somehow?

    I need to hotfix a few things but already saved the latest version in the beta and cant go back (tried but WinStore plugin has issues from 228>227). So I try to open the fixed version from 228, copy some actions. Then go back to stable and paste the fixes into my 227 backup. But for every new action/event I need to install beta and go back to paste it.

  • Sorry, Steam's distribution means you can only have one version installed at a time. The standalone version can have multiple versions installed at once.

    Beta releases are mainly for testing - we've always said it's important to back up your work and only use them if you're willing to face issues.

  • Ok, thanks. :/

    And I cant just install the beta as standalone version next to Steam where I bought it?

    ps: It worked with the STRG+C from beta and STRG+V in stable. I copied the most important parts to upload a hotfix with working PubCenter ads.

    Do you know if the missing WinJS error can be fixed with the next beta?

  • Honestly if this is causing you so many problems and affecting the support of a published app, you should not be using beta releases. It can sometimes take a few weeks just to review bug reports, because most of our resources are going on C3 now. Also the whole point of beta releases is so we don't have to scramble around issuing fixes ASAP (which puts additional strain on the development process) - we'd do that for stable releases, but not betas, the whole point is they're there for testing.

  • Right, I wont use the Steam beta anymore since I have to update some apps in the store now.

    I wanted to test new things and report bugs to help fix them.

    So I cant download and install the beta as standalone version when I bought it on Steam?

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  • You can, but it will stay in Free edition mode because the licensing systems are different.

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