Possible problem in Dictionary obj event text?

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  • I just noticed a possible problem with the Dictionary object's block text.

    When I add the condition "Compare current value", the resulting condition in the event block reads "Current key = ..." instead of "Current value = ..."

    That is, it says it's comparing a key, when it's really comparing a value.

    Does this happen for anyone else?

  • Never had a problem with Dictionary. Can you post an image snippet of what your doing.

    Also just to let you know. Current Key and Current Value only work right when your doing a specific Dictionary ForEach loop. There is a System ForEach, but Dictionary and Array both have custom loops. These loops use the refernece for Current XY stuff.

    So if your doing CompareCurrent value with a CurrentKey and not in a foreach loop from Dictionary. It's going to fail.



    In a For each key event, these return the key and its value (respectively) for the current key being iterated."


  • Thanks jayderyu,

    I'm actually familiar with the built-in iterator for the Dictionary. I'm not having a problem with the functionality. I just think I might have spotted a typo in the text describing the functionality.

    I've included some images below.

    You can also check for yourself by opening a new project, adding a Dictionary, and then adding the Dictionary's "Compare current value" condition to any event. The typo seems to be in the event block text for that condition.


    Another example where the confusing nature of the typo might be a little clearer.

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  • This is probably a typo, you qhould report it to the bug reports forum in that case

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