Is it possible to make point and click adventures?

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  • I've been working up a 2-d (think side scroller) point and click game engine. Here's a test I uploaded a while back:

    Point and Click Demo

    Click anywhere to move.

    Click and hold the left mouse button over an object to select it, and release the mouse button when you're over an icon to select an action.

    Construct 2 is quite capable of point and click games, especially with the new path finding behavior.

    This is VERY nice! I love it...

  • I'm also very intersted in your engine. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Me and some friends are developing a point and click adventure, newbs on the construct2 platform.

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    • Movement - The demo uses platform behavior, but only because the game is in the style of a 2D side scroller. For more traditional point-and-click adventure games, you'd use path finding in conjunction with other processes (like z-ordering of objects).

    Could you get any more specific on the how for your movement? I've been looking to use a similar control scheme with my next project, but after playing with it can't seem to get anything working as smoothly or as consistently as yours.

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