Possible to monitor Fill rate in any way?

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  • I'm doing some performance tests on older computers and I occationally keep running into very jaggy performance. After a lot of testing I think it might be linked with the Fill rate, as the jaggy areas often have lots of sprites (with opacity and alpha) overlapping. I can't seem to find a good way to gather data on this though. I feel like I have no way of properly investigating what's the source of the bad performance.

    Any ideas?

  • On older hardware it may very well be that the browser is blocking the gpu so there's no hardware acceleration - and you're using the dreaded software alternative. You can test for this using the "System: Effects are supported" condition (or run in preview and see if webgl or canvas2d is indicated as the renderer).

  • Colludium I did some more tests. It seems like my laptop is using the intergrated GPU instead of the Geforce 630M. The renderer's returned as WebGL, but the GPU in renderdetail is Angle (Intel(R) HD). I tried overriding the GPU in 3D settings on the control panel, but it doesn't seem to work... I'm using Node Webkit as well, which shouldn't be using the intergrated card to begin with?

  • As far as I know, NW has no means of selecting which GPU it will use - that has to be selected by the user. I've used the same control panel settings to make sure that NW uses the non-integral graphics card, and I don't know what you could do to force it that way if the control panel won't do it... :/

    I just had a thought - have you installed DirectX 9.0 on the laptop?

  • Colludium Yes I do. Why does it matter?

  • As I understand it, NW requires DirectX 9.0 to permit a faster rendering of webgl - so, without it, the NW render could be very janky indeed. Here's the nw in the manual paragraph that describes this far better than I could (I would only be repeating someone else's knowledge...).

    It's worth considering for when you want to export your game and maybe wrap it in an .exe file - you must remember to try to install dxwebsetup.exe before you install your game, just in case the user is one of the few who doesn't have it installed. Bring on everyone running Windows 10....

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  • Try to add this to package-win.json and package-preview.json (in Construct 2/html5/exporters/nwjs/):


    Chrome doesn't like some nvidia gpu's and will revert to integrated when it detects them. But this worked for me. Humongous difference!

    Tom Ashley:

    Pleeease fix the logout time, I can't spend five minutes typing a reply without getting logged out and having to type it all over again!

  • ErekT - it must be your turn this week for logging out - for once mine has been fine

    ...in fact, the whole website just crashed and it's taken me an hour to get access again :/.

    What we need is a wiki page for current and useful hacks for nw (and the other export options) rather than having to resort to a forensic search of the forum for such gold...

  • ErekT Doesn't seem to work for me. Same performance and renderdetail still returns my intergrated card.

    http://i.imgur.com/Tl1dScm.jpg I implemented the text like this. Not sure if it's correct?

    Edit: Just to foolproof that my geforce isn't being used, I disabled it to see how the intergrated card holds up. Exact same performance. The geforce isn't being used at all...

  • Um yeah... Just tried again on my laptop and now it doesn't work for me either. It did work fine before but I've done a windows repair and some driver re-installing since then. Very aggravating. This whole node-webkit deal, I'm getting less and less happy about it :-/

    Here's the thread I got the idea from btw:

    https://superuser.com/questions/645918/ ... rd-optimus

  • ErekT I did some more tests. Turns out if I went to the nvidia control panel and turned on "Display GPU Activity Icon in Notification Area", followed by right clicking the NW.exe, chose "Run with graphics processor", and choosing the Nvidia card at the end. The control panel recognized the game, and performance dramatically improved.

    My game isn't an unoptimized piece of s*it after all!

    Edit: Though the renderdetail still return the intel card for some reason...

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