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  • Hi all!

    Few months I've been with this program and I have to say Scirra team and especially to Ashley, I'm super happy and they are doing a fantastic program.

    My desire or request is, if you can put a preview of the effects before being added, to see how it would be in order, (albeit an example) to not be adding and running program to check.

    Thank you!

    sorry for my bad English ..

  • Excellent idea man

    Your english is fine btw

  • Construct 2 already previews effects. You mean WebGL shader effects and blend modes, right? Both should display in the layout view without having to run the game.

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  • Hi Ashley, thanks for answering.

    I meant the library of over 70 effects, I know if this is WebGL enabled could see, but not as many effects work, so I said what the preview (an example default).

    Not if I have explained correctly.

    It is not a necessary thing, but I said if that were possible and easy.

    Thanks and regards.

  • I've seen this mentioned before as a suggestion, and I can agree, it is nicer to be able to just flick through effects rather than having to select an effect and click "Ok". Not a majorly big problem, not even a problem at all actually, just convenience I guess :P

  • Yeah good idea, like showing the effect on screen just as the effect is selected

    It could use a "preview" checkbox Photoshop style

  • That's just what I say any Iemo!

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