Is it possible to have a DISCORD BOT plugin?

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  • Discord has various types of bots to enhance servers and automate them.

    I'm not sure if this is possible, and i'm pretty sure this post is useless, but would it be possible to have a plugin in where you can set up a discord bot and then use a plugin in Construct 2 to send the bot information?

    For example...

    If I wanted to see a player's profile on a game...

    !s user profile

    Would show me stats such as:


    -Ingame stats



    And also, every time a player achieves something...


    [User] Just beat World 2!

  • the world of computers is made up of 1s and 0s. anything is possible. theres a tutorial somewhere amongst the forums as to how to make plug ins for c2/c3, though, as they're plug ins, they cant really walk you through the how, just the what to do after you've made your plugin to make it c2/c3 ready.

    do you know what said bots run on?

    if its javascript you can run them via the browser function.

    otherwise, maybe look into a translator on google? i know theres ways to convert html5 to c#, which is interesting in itself as essentially you can code a program and instead of sprites have things connected to motors etc and you've a robot brain, but yes, you can probably convert whatever code language is used for said bots and find a way, if not just code your own plug in.

  • The great part is that discord bots use a lot of different languages

    i think...

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  • languages are just methods of communicating data. you can say anything in any language, that is, if you know the language.

    think of it as adapters.

    you have a usb phone, which plugs into a usb jack, since it cant plug directly into (most)outlets, you use an adapter to convert the input into something useable.

    theres probably simpler ways,

    however, it would be wise to learn how they work, what they do, and build your own.

    if you know what you want the software to do, all you have to do is tell it.

  • You can go here to get full information about this

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