Is it possible to collaborate C2 projects over Google Drive?

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  • Not to sure how collaboration works for the most part, if it does that would be fantastic.

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  • what kind of collaboration? you want to share project with someone and work at the same time?

    use mercurial workbench (bitbucket) i think it's 5man team, up to 5GB

  • Re Google Drive.

    Ive used it for the past 3 years for drafting large documents with 3 collaborators.

    You can have real-time collaboration on their office applications. this is one of the big draws.

    But also file access control and sharing are all excellently implemented.

    It also saves a lot of versions and history of file management not sure how far back but it has saved my life a few times

    I could see it being used for construct game dev especially where you could save a project folder have restricted access to the main capx file and say give artists access to image folders etc. yep would be good.

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