(Possible Bug) Canvas Recording FPS Drop In Fullscreen Mode

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  • I would like to make sure that this is a bug, before posting it on the actual forum for bugs.

    I'm a big fan of the canvas recording feature and so far it was working like a charm in windowed mode.

    However recently when testing out the project in fullscreen mode, I've noticed a huge performance drop while recording.

    (You can test this using the example project and toggling fullscreen on and off.)

    Recoding with a window size of 1920x1080 in windowed mode works as intended but recording

    with exactly the same resolution in fullscreen mode is affecting the performance heavily.

    So is this a bug caused by the plugin or are the browsers at fault?

    (Tested & Confirmed: FF and Chrome both have the same issue.)

  • Hardware.

    Fullscreen may be doubling, even tripling the memory usage.

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  • Hardware.

    Fullscreen may be doubling, even tripling the memory usage.

    I did messure performance and memory usage in particular, here are the results (using NWjs):

    Using WebM VP8:

    Windowed Mode = ~120.000K

    Fullscreen Mode = ~134.000K

    Using WebM VP9:

    Windowed Mode = CRASHED! (It used more and more memory until it reached it's limit.)

    Fullscreen Mode = ~455.000K

    How to reproduce the crash:

    1. Open example project

    2. Set to letterbox scaling

    3. Run the project

    4. Maximize the window (my native screen resolution is 1920x1080)

    5. Notice that the memory usage is steadily increasing (task manager is running on my second screen)

    6. Crash when reaching limit

  • Crashes are bugs.

    Make a bug report.

  • Bug report is available HERE, I guess this post can be closed.

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