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  • Hello!


    Just checking if the following is possible.

    i know IOS and Android dont like the payment feature, but if i wanted my game to be truly cross platform could i do this? :

    Bob starts playing game x on this ipad, plugin prompts him to create account, so he does.

    He notices that he can buy powerup x for $0.99 on the IOS Store.

    He purchases said product thanks to Cocoonjs plugin.

    $ code here

    On Cocoonjs() Payment Successful:

    Set Variable Powerup to 1 Save Variable Powerup to Cloud

    End Game

    Bob is now at home, wants to play the same game on his PC.

    Opens up game x via Node Webkit, prompts him to login, he does.

    Badaboom fetches cloud variables and their is his powerup.

    As long as the game doesn't use any of payment features inside IOS, could i do this?

    Thanks for your time.


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  • Well your logic flow. yes you should be able too. So i'm pretty sure you can. I don't believe is that picky about which store to use.

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