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  • I asked a similar question before I started working in Unity and the answer that came back was pretty much 'anything.'

    However, Unity puts you in direct control of every tiny little thing so obviously you can bend it to your will if you know how.

    I am so close to buying a license for this as I've been using it for a few weeks and its so quick and easy compared to Unity. but at what cost?

    I both like and worry that the game objects and driven by events. If I want to do something that isn't covered in a pre-made event then is that it? Am I stuck and required to wait for it to be included? In Unity I'd just write a new script from scratch but you can't do that here.

    So bottom line - are there some serious restrictions or is there usually a workaround?

    An example would be - when trying to make a turret work it would target the nerest enemy if it had line of sight. If the enemy disappeared behind a wall then it would stop.

    However, when another enemy appeared in the same area after aquiring target 1 it would keep shooting despite being hidden because it stilll had LoS to the second instance of the enemy. I could easily fix this in Unity but here it seemed a bit more abstract.

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Making a turret target what you like is easy, complex menu systems and RPG elements are simple once you're comfortable with the events and I have even build whole card-game engines that are far better than the official MTG online one (which granted isn't that hard, but still). About the only thing I haven't got into is image cutting, which I hear the canvass plugin (by Rojo Hound I think...) can do.

    A year or two ago there were some big things missing like pathfinding, but now there is never really a time when I think something can't be done or even it would be too hard to do. There are always some great forum members here to help you out too.

  • That sounds more like a bug.

    If you can repeat the circumstances then you should make a capx, and either ask someone to take a look at it here on the forums, or make a bug report if you're very sure its a bug.

    As far as whats possible... everything as far as 2d game logic goes is doable, however existing plugs may not work the way you expect. In general the plugs are made to make life easier, not to extend the existing engine.

  • C2 can easily do what you're describing - I have never run into any walls with its instance picking.

    Its main limitations, in my experience, are:

    -2D only

    • No multiplayer (Without heavy use of third party plugins)
    • Poor performance on mobiles (not C2's problem, but HTML5's problem)
    • No splines, no texture mapping, no pathing system, no vector graphics
    • Reduced performance compared to native
  • Thanks guys, very helpful!

    As for the turret, that was just a quick test and I no doubt did it wrong. It popped up as a potential problem purely because I felt the need to turn to a script so I could fiddle and then realised that there are none!

    Well I'm pretty sold on it now to be honest, very cool tool. I even got my non game-making partner to have a go and she knocked up a basic scene with a character, enemy and bullets without any input from me at all!

    Very excited, and I'll no doubt be popping in here for help very soon :)

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