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  • Hi guys, im kinda new to Construct ?

    I just want to ask whether its possible to make a game like the supplemental game for Night in the Woods which is called the Longest Night. The game is simple enough where the player connects stars by making a line between it thus making a constellation. would it be possible to do that in Construct 2?

    btw the supplemental game is free to download.Just search at google as i cant post any url yet.

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  • thanks...

  • If you mean putting in lines, I use a tiled background with a tiny height, constantly adjusting the width and angle to stretch between 2 points.

    For example, a tiled background can be a line from one fixed point to a moving one.

    -Under its properties, give the tiled background object a hotspot on the left and add the "pin" behavior.

    -Have an event which, when the layout starts, moves the tiled background to the first point and pins it to the first point by position only.

    -Have an event which, every tick, sets the tiled background's angle towards the second point ("set angle toward object") and sets the tiled background's width to the distance between the two points ("distance(1.x,1.y,2.x,2.y)".

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