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  • Hi Ashley,

    I've been playing with the positioned sounds system. Everything works fine except I don't really understand the "Inner angle"/"Outer angle" parameters in the "Play at object" window. I've spotted topics about that but it doesn't make things clearer. Any way to show us a graphic representations of the whereabouts ?

    As for the positioning system, I have a request : I wonder if it would be possible to implement a visual guide for this, for exemple showing graphically on the layout the area covered by the sound in the shape of a circle around its source.

    Current project is sound positioning intensive and it's very hard to visualise the influence zone of each source.

    Thanks !


  • Does this help? I guess I should put something like this in the manual.

  • Thanks Ashley, it does, indeed !

    Should be great to visualise it for each sound source on the editor.

    What happens if inner angle is 0 and outer angle is 360 ?

    And what about being able to visualise spatial sounds this way ? :

  • I think if the cone is 0 to 360 then it just extends the crossfade area to the full circle.

    I'm not sure exactly what would be drawn to represent sounds - in your example, at what radius do you draw the circles? The sounds gradually reduce to the minimum volume over what's often a very long range, and even then they continue at the minimum volume, so it seems kind of arbitrary to pick any particular range to draw a circle at.

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  • Let's say central point of emitter is full volume, volume then decreasing from center to blue edge where it is mute. Circle will thus be the volume range from full volume (center) to minimum volume (edge). Outside the circle, sound is not heard anymore. As for the listener, sound outside the circle are not heard and "listening power" decreases from center to edge of blue circle.

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