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  • The construct classic features of positional audio ("play resource at object", "set listener", etc)...would be awesome. I know there are HTML 5 issues with audio, so hopefully this isn't out of the question.

    Also, I notice occassional clicks if I have a lot of sounds being triggered. Is there a limit to how many of the same sound can play simultaneously?

  • For the time being, I believe you can get around this by scaling the volume of an audio playing by the distance of 2 objects; Player and an invisible one representing the source for example.

  • As I mentioned in another post HTML5 audio simply can't support this yet, but there may be features on the way which do.

    Browser support for audio right now is pretty poor. There are clicks and cut outs, and these are the fault of the browser - there's nothing we can do. Just keep your browser up to date with the latest version and hope they fix it soon.

  • No probs thanks Ashley -- that said, the whole Construct project is brilliant. Great work!

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  • I did it! (rather bad solution)

    Just have 3 ogg files for each sfx..

    one center

    one left

    one right


    1) Decide wich one to use based on your character X position

    2.1) give a margin to the center value, do not use x1==x2)

    3) Estimate the distance between you character and the sound, to set the volume.


    PS: This can be emulated in the Construct 2 export process

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