Portable Construct 2 is awesome!

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  • Hey Construct Community,

    I just wanted to share my excitement for being able to put C2 and my projects on a flash drive and take it to my college computer lab and game dev on the go!

  • Yeah great thing about Construct2 is its portability , efficiency , and easiness! Right choice by choosing C2

  • I came into this thread thinking I somehow missed construct have a tablet version haha.

    But yes, it is great that it easily works from a USB and projects are easy to take and open on other computers.

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  • So one can install Construct 2 on a USB? If so, did not know.

    At my job, they have been a bit paranoid about allowing on work machines anything but authorized software, so they've set up machines in a way that prevents installing software on hard drive unless allowed. If C2 can run on a stick, that's a work-around!

  • Heh. The installer itself says on the first page "This installation is portable. You can install to a portable drive and run Construct 2 on different computers." But nobody ever reads anything

  • Ashley

    Agred on that, until now I didn't even know I could do that

    Thanks guys

  • Construct 2 itself is portable....but if you want to export a game you need the NodeWebkit. And NodeWebkit seems like to be also portable. BUT, if you install C2 as portable, and NW as portable, they don´t communicate together !!! And without NW = C2 is useless ! (only if you install C2 and NW on same machine, it works....but if you carry it on usb to another machine = doesn´t work)

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