Portable C2 on a Mac with Windows emulator?

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  • Hi,

    The kids in my school coding club love C2, but many only have Macs at home.

    Will portable installations of C2 on USB sticks work on Macs running Windows emulators?


  • Yeah they can.

    I have C2 running on my Mac with Bootcamp and Windows7.

  • Depends on your definition of an emulator.

    If what you're actually talking about is a hypervisor, sure. It should run rather nicely under Parallels.

    If, however, you're talking about something like Wine (short for Wine Is Not an Emulator), the answer sadly is no.

  • Works fine. I have VMWare Fusion 6.0 with Windows 7 running on my Macbook Air with 8GB. Runs like a charm. Everything works, Live Preview and Preview on my iPad.

    I even tried it on my very old Mac Mini with only 2GB Ram. I have Parallels 6 on this one as this is the last one compatible with Snow Leopard on a 32bit machine. No webgl though, so the examples and the event sheets work (the games rather slow, but they are playable), the editor-view is black unfortunately, so I can't use it there Would have been nice, but the MBA is much faster anyway.

  • I never used any emulator like parrallels or vfusion. How is the Switch between emulator and OS? Is there any exchange folder or method?

    I would like to store my graphic programs on Mac part.

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  • I would call it pretty much seamless. In VMWare Fusion There is the Unity Mode which Hildes away the Desktop and all programs are in their own windows, leaving the impression it's all Mac.

    I have all my files and images on the mac in a synched folder from copy ( a service like dropbox). I would really say, that it works perfectly. The battery drain is somewhat bigger of course, but enough to work for hours inside C2. I do quit Windows though, before going to a longer stand-by mode, as it keeps draining the batteries more than without Windows running.

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